Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Human Filleted - Blunt Force Embludgeonment


Human Filleted – Blunt Force Embludgeonment
Sevared Records (2010)

Sometimes all you want is a bloody slice of brutal death metal. The problem is that so often you're left disappointed; in a world that's literally glutted with bands all trying to be more brutal than the next it's easy for the final result to be lacklustre, unconvincing, musically sub-standard or downright forgettable.

Thankfully, Human Filleted don't suffer from the above problems. This - their second full length outing - proves to be brutal, groovy, chuggy and technical in equal measures. There's nothing here that you won't have heard before, however elements of such titans as Gorguts, Suffocation and Gorgasm are brought together with an undisputed understanding of what makes brutal death metal work. Trem-picked, blasting phrases juxtaposing stomping slams, melodic and at times neoclassical leads scattered liberally throughout, with the occasional breakdown (without becoming some scene-kid's wankathon) this is brutal death metal at its best.

While this is straight up, no-nonsense brutality without a trace of stick-up-the-arse musico-smugness, the faster riffs and, most notably, leads demonstrated by the Christman (Purulent Infection) and Ross combination are outstanding. The fact that the majority of the tracks are based on slams and evil-sounding tremolos just serves to intensify those more technical moments.

Neither do the band shy away from stepping off the tempo once in a while to deliver sinister melodies and brutal grooves - both of which are superbly exemplified on the opening Hooker Cooker; a track which had me hooked (sorry) immediately and sets the scene for what's to follow.

The production is clear, yet chunky - the brutally scooped guitar sound both cutting through like a razor and bolstering a heavy low end that's liable to leave anything not nailed down to go bouncing across shelves and table-tops alike. The bass drums deliver a deep rumble behind a ringing snare and a big tom-sound that reminds you just what a roll's supposed to do while the tight bass binds everything in a tourniquet of old school savagery. Over all of this Christman's gutturals pornographically extol the virtues of gore. Joined on a track each by Shaun LaCanne (Putrid Pile), Damian Leski (Gorgasm) and Anthony Voight (Sarcophagy), the overall vocal performance is given variation which adds to the memorability of tracks that, if your anything like me are going to be stuck in your head for good.

While there will doubtless be those decrying this album for it's unoriginality, this is not a release beset with problems of pretentiousness. This is a brutal death metal album of the old school variety and it doesn't try to be anything else. What it does do, it does brilliantly. The composition's phenomenal; developing seemingly instinctively as well as creating an immersive atmosphere that's sadly lacking in many contemporary releases. From the bludgeoning opener to the final disquieting harmonies of Reduced to Pulp, this release keeps you engaged throughout.

Human Filleted might not be throwing out something hugely innovative but when there's so many bands out there desperately attempting to approximate their influences, these guys demonstrate that they're truly masters of their craft.

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