Monday, 24 January 2011

Dyscaphia - guitar video

While still not having found the time to update this site with reviews, figured I might as well share some of the other shit I've been doing:
Here you can find my latest guitar video - a rough version of an upcoming dyscaphia track.

Any feedback on this, or any other of my videos is appreciated.



Sunday, 9 January 2011

Terrordrome - Vehement Convulsion and Mechanical God Creation - Cell XIII

  Due to moving from one side of the penines to the other and desperately trying to find a job that pays the bills, I have somewhat neglected my sweary rantings and ravings with regards to the general decline of musical standards, for quite some time.

This situation will be remedied - I promise.

 However, recently uploaded to Death Metal Baboon were two of my less sweary analyzations of musical excretions.  The first is my review of Terrordrome's Vehement Convulsion and can be found here while the second was a review of Mechanical God Creation's Cell XIII which is here.

One of these was a an absolute pleasure to review while the other left me in a lethargical depression.  Read them and find out which was which.